here's what i'm doing now

I'm currently a product designer turned product illustrator at HubSpot, creating illustrations for the product, and answering any questions people may have in relation to illustrations, visual design, and user interface.

As a person who grew up with a rough background, I'm actively exploring solutions on diversity, how designers get paid what they deserve, and how I can best advise new design grads and those wanting to get into art, illustration, design, and tech.

In turn, I occasionally talk to people 1:1 out of imposter syndrome, give advice on interviews, edit occasional resumes, and help people negotiate fair salaries to pay rent, 'cause living in Boston ain't cheap. 

here's how i spend my days

  • Getting back into books a lot more, you can check out what I'm currently reading here.
  • Thinking about illustration and how it expands to larger design systems.
  • Attempting to get better at public speaking and writing.

here's how you can get in touch

  • For short, passing thoughts in my mind, find me on Twitter @suechews.
  • If you want to see mostly pictures of my cat and food, I'm on Instagram @xuey.
  • Any illustrations I've done, you can check out my Dribbble @suechews.
  • Professionally and for my full CV, you can see my LinkedIn @susannayee.
  • Haven't written anything yet, but when I do, you can find it on Medium @suechews.
  • If you'd prefer traditional email, you can message me at hi at madebysue dot net.

Inspired by Sarah Park's now page, originally inspired by David Sivers.